About Us

Mask Have is a digital collaboration between Pasture Group and PharmacyWire.

Established and headquartered in Singapore since 1996, Pasture Group is a global pharmaceutical and medical device company with three subsidiaries under its wing – Pasture Pharma (Mask), Pacific Biosciences (Distribution) and Pasture PharmaHub (Wholesale). We are committed to caring for the health and well-being of the community. Pasture Group is greatly involved in research and development of masks and respirators and unique pharmaceutical products.

PharmacyWire was originally developed in 2003 by Metrex Systems for Canadian Pharmacies. Designed to manage the logistics of prescription processing, distribution and fulfillment, it has rapidly expanded to include broad safety and health capabilities.

The collaboration between Pasture Group and PharmacyWire allows Pasture Mask™ to be made available to the public.