Pasture Mask™ and N95 respirators are tested for blood fluid resistance at pressure of 80-120mmHg. This helps to protect you from small droplets due to coughing and sneezing (e.g. aerosol transmission – COVID-19), thus reducing your risk of infection.
BFE/VFE > 99%
Pasture Mask™ and N95 respirators are tested against bacteria and virus with over 99% efficiency. Protect yourself during airborne pandemics and public health emergencies such as COVID-19 and seasonal influenza.
PM 2.5 filtration
Pasture Masks and N95 respirators are tested against PM 2.5 with over 99% filtration efficiency. PM 2.5 is detrimental to human health as it has the ability to travel deep into the lungs, causing serious respiratory injuries and cancer.
Lower Leakage Level
Pasture Group developed masks and N95 respirators which lessen inward and outward leakage to protect both the user and community. This reduces the exposure to airborne biological pathogens and pollutants such as PM 5.5, providing better protection to healthcare workers, children and the elderly.
Ezy-breathe™ Technology
Pasture Mask™ and N95 respirators are designed to provide protection and user comfort in mind. Pasture Masks = High Filtration Protection + Lower Leakage Level + Ezy2breathe
Research & Development
R&D is the pinnacle of Pasture Group. Our philosophy is looking at common problem and providing practical solution with scientific evidence.
Unique Patented 3D design
Pasture Group developed masks with patented 3D design to provide a comfortable and good fit for children and elderly.